The “ Dream Act”…Help for Young People


On June 15, 2012, President Barak Obama announced relief for around one million individuals in this country. While not an amnesty, the new use of “Deferred Action” will allow many young people a chance for a life in the US. People (Children) who were brought to the US as children, and have attended school in the US or have served in the military will be eligible for Work Authorization, which will allow these individuals to get a Social Security Number, a Driver’s License, and will allow them to go to college. Deferred Action will not lead to a Green Card, at this point.


In order to be eligible for Deferred Action, the individual will have to prove these factors:

  1. Proof of entry into the US prior to the age of sixteen (16). Proof of this will be financial records, school records, medical records, etc. Any third party proof which proves that the individual was in the US prior to the age of sixteen will also suffice. If the individual came in with a visa, the stamp will suffice.
  2. Five (5) “continuous years of residence” prior to June 15, 2012. This means that before June 15, 2012, the individual will have to prove that he resided (lived) in the US for five (5) years.
  3. Proof that the individual was in the US on June 15, 2012.
  4. The individual must be in school, have graduated high school, have obtained a GED, or have been honorably discharged by a branch of the US military or Coast Guard.
  5. The individual must have a relatively clean Criminal Record. This means, no felony convictions. No significant misdemeanor convictions (violence crimes, sexual crimes, robbery crimes, fraud, DUI, gun crimes, drug crimes, and others). You cannot have multiple misdemeanor convictions (three (3) or more). Also, you can’t pose a threat to national security or public safety.
  6. The individual cannot be older than thirty (30) And cannot apply before fifteen (15)

If you meet these requirements, you can get Deferred Action. If approved, Deferred Action will be given for two (2) years. Deferred Action can be renewed, as well as the Work Authorization that comes with it.

At Thomas N. Toscano and Associates, PLLC, we can sit down with you and see if you are eligible for relief through Deferred Action. As with everything we do, we will explain to you the risk and the potential reward and help YOU make the final decision. We try our best to explain fully the risks associated with filing any Immigration form, so that YOU are able to make a fully informed decision. Remember, this is not an Amnesty, but will be very helpful to those who are eligible.