Success Stories

A Case of Double Filings

A husband and wife came to see me about a green card, which they were eligible for, as their son was a citizen of the United States. As I talked with them, they told me that they had been to see a non-attorney immigration practitioner. They had paid that practitioner more than the fee I was charging for this service…a lot more.

The practitioner had given them pieces of the file, but they only had receipts for one of the two required forms. When I looked into their case, I discovered that there had been double filings. In fact, their entire case had been denied, twice. They had never received notice of the denials because the practitioner had used the office address, received all the notices, and failed to forward them to the clients.

I accompanied my clients to the Garden City office of USCIS, and we sat down with one of the representatives there. We sorted through their file, and fixed all of the incorrect information. I convinced USCIS to reopen the case and schedule another interview. I went with my clients and they left this interview with their passports stamped, showing that they were lawful permanent residents (green card holders).


Overturning an NTA

A woman who was in the country illegally came to me because she had received an NTA (a document that starts the process to remove her from the country.)  I accompanied her to court and convinced the judge to allow several adjournments because the woman’s daughter was in the process of obtaining U.S. citizenship through my office. After the daughter obtained citizenship, the judge allowed my client to file the required documents to obtain her green card. The final documents were submitted to the court just in time, and the judge has agreed to close the case and stop the removal process. The client will get her green card in the mail any day.


Given a Second Chance

A client came to me with a denial for a green card because of some minor criminal matters on his record from over a decade ago. Prior to hiring me, he had applied for his green card through a non-attorney and because of poor preparation, stated in the interview that “he forgot how many times he had been arrested.” Based on this his application was denied.

I filed a motion for this client with USCIS. In the motion, I included all of the positive contributions this individual had made to society. He had married five years earlier, and had a child. Since the marriage he has had no issues with the law. He also started a business, and had employed several people. I convinced USCIS to give his case a fresh look, and to put his relatively minor criminal activity in perspective by looking at his positive contributions to American society. Four months later, his green card arrived at my office. He was crying when I handed it to him.



The above case studies, while true, SHOULD NOT BE READ AS ANY GUARANTEE OF OUTCOME IN YOUR CASE.  Every client’s case is different. I have not been able to help every client that has come to or called my office. I have always evaluated their cases and told them my honest opinion as to their outcome, allowing them to decide what course to take.