Visa Extensions / Changes

Which Visas can be Extended?

Many of our clients come to the United States on a Tourist Visa (B2). After four or five months of travel, they decide they would like to extend their trip, but their visa is only valid for a six-month stay. They may even be considering employment options in the U.S., or hoping to pursue higher education in this country.

If this sounds familiar, give us a call today. Too many people simply overstay their visas…and later find that they can’t re-enter the United States. A Bar against re-entry can last for three years, ten years, or even be permanent. Additionally, if you want to change your status in order to attend school or find a job in the U.S., your status must be valid.


What You Can Do

B2 extension applications have been getting tougher. Generally, the younger you are, the tougher they are.  Immigration is looking to see that you will actually depart the US at the end of the extension.  This can be demonstrated with proof of ties to your country like a permanent residence and a job there.  You will also need to demonstrate that you have the funds to continue your travels. Detailed travel itineraries can help, too. Many of my clients include pictures of the traveling they have done with famous landmarks in the background.

Working with an experienced immigration attorney, you can extend your status in the United States. TNT Law and our experienced staff will help guide you through the process of extending your status in the United States.